denka’s logo evolution since 2008

Alewyn Botha
The Backbone
Alewyn is a farm boy, completing his schooling at St. Andrew’s School Bloemfontein and his Industrial Design BTECH at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town (2005).

Alewyn worked in various industries involved with multiple projects across the globe before founding Denka Design Consultancy in 2008. Since its inception, Denka has been involved in multiple product designs and developments, of which various won prestigious awards. These include SABS design awards, Product exhibition awards and various Loerie Awards through clients’ projects. As a service provider and member of the Institute of Inventors and Innovators, Alewyn serves regularly on the Institutes’s professional panel, judging various inventions and product ideas with consultation on route to market.

Alewyn deeply values all the relationships formed within Denka, be that clients, partners or staff, creating long-term relations that are mutually beneficial. Upon inception, Alewyn ensured that Denka was built on a strong foundation accompanied by a network in manufacturing rivalled by few. With his open book approach to everything, Alewyn has ensured that Denka’s customers are always offered the best pricing options accompanied by unmatched support.

Nick Kulenkampff
The German Engineer
Nick completed his schooling at Sandown High Johannesburg and earned his Industrial Design BTECH at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town (2004).

Nick is a very meticulous product designer and excels in realising conceptual design into functional reality. With 10 years’ experience in injection tooling and design, Nick is highly experienced in production processes and his knowledge of material properties knows no bounds. Nick’s design abilities in CAD have ensured Denka many successes in 3D printed prototypes and tooling for production.

Nick enjoys spending his free time hiking, reading and playing tennis. Nick played tennis on a professional level for one year in Germany and now enjoys 1st team club tennis with multiple championships under his belt. Nick is also a very able boat builder and sailor with various personal projects completed.

The team at Denka takes pride in sharing valued experience and knowledge with up and coming designers, be they scholars, students or professionals. To apply for internship and check availability, send your Portfolio to